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Changes are accepted by sizes only if they do not coincide with the brand's measurement table or the measurements sent by the client. The product must be returned in the same conditions in which it was received.


Our goal is to make sure you are totally satisfied with the purchase you made.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased product, you can change it within a period of fifteen (15) days, counting from the date you receive your product.

To exercise the right to a change, the products must meet the following requirements:

- They must not have been used, washed or damaged.

- They must keep the original label. We suggest that you try on the garments before removing it.

- They must be returned in the original packaging.


As long as you have put the garment to good use and it has a quality problem, we will acknowledge the repair or change of it and all transport costs you have incurred will be reimbursed.

If your request for the effectiveness of the guarantee is not accepted after being evaluated by our team due to the lack of compliance with the conditions indicated above, we will contact you, within 15 business days following the date of your claim. , to coordinate your shipment again with a freight collect where you must pay

the transport company at the time the product is delivered.

Before doing the paperwork for a claim, we suggest you consult the most common cases of rejection of exchanges due to misuse of garments:

- The time limit of two (2) months after the purchase was delivered to make the claim was exceeded.

- Failure to follow the instructions for washing and caring for the garment.

- Having machine washed the garment or tumbled dry.

- Use of deodorants with chemicals that discolor fabrics.

- Use of chemicals or bleach in the wash.

- Faded by direct sun drying.

- The garment was altered or modified by the client and therefore its last was damaged.

- The print, appliqué or embroidery were ironed at very high temperatures.

- Normal wear of the garment.

- The design of the garment has an artisanal process that makes each garment have unique and irregular finishes between the same batch.

If you still have questions you can write to the email


In the event that Ivory has mistakenly sent an item other than the one requested, we will acknowledge the change.

All transportation costs will be reimbursed. In this case, you must contact the email and we will program our transporter to pick up the wrong product and then send the one you initially requested.

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